Artist Michael Robert’s witty t-shirts portraits gallery originates from a series of paper collages. With his fine cut-out technique, in a few snips Michael catches the true personality of his models, fixing them in a memorable image. All sitters included in his collection FASHIONISTAS are icons from the fashion system, Michael’s friends and fellow travelers, from backstage to the front row. Designers, editors, journalists, muses such as Anna W, Miuccia, Donatella, Franca, Grace, Karl, Kate, Marc, Giorgio, Suzy, Tom, Anna P, Carine, Domenico e Stefano. Michael Roberts has been a contributing photographer and illustrator of the major fashion magazine worldwide, from Vogue to Interview. He is the former Fashion and Style Director of the Sunday Times, Tatler, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. Author of several books of photography, witty illustrations and collage.