Antonios & Konstantinos

Photo: Ani Jo

What do you do?

A: I study Political Science and History.

K: I'm studying History and working at Pull & Bear. I sometimes pose for the camera with my brother.

What makes you smile?

A: My brothers.

K: People.

What makes you mad?

A: Nothing.

K: People...!

Whats the best part of having a twin brother?

A: Being able to eat his food!

K: That I don't really need to have a best friend.

And the worst?

A: Him eating my food!

K: To be honest, I don't know.

Which your favourite place in Athens?

A: Plaka.

K: Plaka, the best place on earth. So much history and memories in just one place.

What do you love about Greece right now?

A: The weather and the food.

K: The sun, the sea and the landscapes.

...And what do you loathe?

A: The random people going crazy on the street.

K: Too many people.

Please use one word to describe yourself.

A: Shy.

K: Spontaneous.

How do you define your style?

A: Avant-garde.

K: Avant-garde.

Could you tell us about the first t-shirt that you bought?

A: I don’t really remember.

K: A black one, because I was a shy boy.

Please describe the perfect tee.

A: It will portray my dog.

K: The perfect one would have one of my paintings on it.

What message/motto would you put on your t-shirt?

A: La vita e bella.

K: Life is simple.

What are you listening to right now?

A: Tchaikovsky.

K: Lana del Rey - Young and Beautiful.

One thing that you want people to know about you?

A: I love to be loved.

K: That there is a lot more than just the surface.

...And one thing that you don't want them to know?

A: That I’m not perfect.

K: That I do have weaknesses.

You can flirt with anyone right now, whom would you choose?

A: Bianca Balti!

K: My girlfriend because she is the only person that makes me feel this way.


*Antonios and Konstantinos are wearing the GORILLA t-shirt from the AFRICA collection.