Dismaland - The Saddest Place on the Planet

When you hear the name Banksy, the first images that come to your mind are his iconic street art that take a jab at the establishment. Well, the artist has created probably his greatest installation to date when he took a derelict lido and turned it into ananti-Disney theme park. He took everything that Disney has to offer and did the opposite. Welcome to Dismaland, where the ushers have a sullen expression on their faces all the time.

Onetshirt takes a tour of the Dismaland, which is found in Weston-super-Mare. Banksy really put a lot of attention to every detail in the dystopian theme park. It is recommended to leave the kids at home when you visit the place. Well, Banksy, himself described it to be a family theme park not suitable for the little ones anyway.


The first thing that you’ll see even if you are outside of Dismaland is the decrepit castle. It features a crumpled pumpkin coach with its occupant hanging from a window while the paparazzi surrounded it. The theme park also has a Punch and Judy show that stages a dark tale of domestic violence. And if you are feeling a bit lost while, inside the theme park, attendants will not bother to assist you in any way. You can buy a balloon with “I am an imbecile” written on it. And you can buy a Banksy t-shirt as you exit through the gift shop. That might be the only fashion item that you can get from the experience.

Bemusement Park is the right term to describe Dismaland. During its first week, even the weather cooperated to ensure that visitors feel gloomy while they are on the exhibition site. Rain poured without a warning in what seemed to be a jolly sunny afternoon. It seems like Banksy managed to control the weather to let everyone to experience eating cold chips while standing in a puddle of water while hearing children crying in the background. If you think that you will be seeing people in fashionable menswear in the park, then you don’t know what you are in for once you are there.

Dismaland truly lives up to its name. There is nothing but gloominess in what used to be the Tropicana Lido. Theirs is nothing chirpy about the place in any way. If you were happy when you entered the premises, you will definitely be depressed once you have spent some time in what people describe as the saddest place on the planet. While welcoming is not a word to label Dismaland, people come from all over the globe to witness another Banksy art masterpiece. Plus, you can bring home a t-shirt and balloon as souvenir of your dismal experience.