The Prada Foundation Opens in Milan

It's a beautiful day in Milan and we decided to pay a visit at the recently opened Prada Foundation. For many years now, Prada has been a name synonymous to luxury. When you talk about global fashion, it is impossible to not have a mention of Prada. With stores all over the globe, it has made it easier for people from different cities to gain access to their eclectic product selection. Known for having artistic designs in their stores, such have been depicted in T-shirts, which are designed to show the floor plans and designs of their shops in different cities. More so, Prada has also been active in pursuing collaboration works with top design firms, and a perfect example of such is the recently opened Prada Foundation in Milan.

It is set in a venue that expands 19,000 square metres in the southern part of Milan. The location used to be a distillery built in 1910. It was designed by OMA, the design studio of Rem Koolhaas. This is not the first time that the brand has been involved in a collaboration with Koolhaas. In fact, many of the brand’s flagship stores, including those that are found in Los Angeles and New York have been designed by Koolhaas.

The construction of the Prada Foundation is a huge undertaking, which has made more people in the world of art and fashion excited in its unveiling. It involved the renovation of seven structures that are located in the venue and the construction of three new ones. It will serve as a permanent exhibition venue where they will showcase art from as early as the 1950s. With its huge exhibition space, it is expected to highlight Milan as an art city, hosting collaboration works from some of the most famous names all over the globe.


One of the highlights of the new venue of Prada Foundation is a theatre, which will host plays, films, lectures, and performances. There is also an old-fashioned Milanese bar, which was designed in collaboration with Wes Anderson. There is also going to be a massive library and a centre that is dedicated for children. One of the highlights of the venue is an original structure dubbed as the Haunted House. There is nothing haunted about it as it is completely surreal and luxurious. The exterior is covered in gold leaf, which mimics the sophistication that is associated with the brand.


If you happen to be in Milan, make sure to take time to visit this wonderful work of art. It is open all days of the week with reasonable admission rates. Stepping into the grounds will take you into a new dimension where design reigns supreme, a true testament to the character Prada has been known all over the world.