Announcing new collaboration with French photographer Olivier Zahm

French cultural agitator, Olivier Zahm is the Founder, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of cult, independent magazine Purple. Born in the nineties as anti-fashion and anti-glamour voice of rebellion, featuring all the emerging artists of that time in the field of new realistic photography (such as Juergen Teller, Terry Richardson, Wolfgang Tillmans), Purple is “free lifestyle”, as Zahm says. As an artist and photographer himself, Zahm works on the contamination between intimacy (like sex and love) and public life. His photography is part of a bigger project involving art and fashion, including Purple magazine and Purple web diary, expressions of his private biography.

For ONETSHIRT, Zahm selected a group of provocative photographs and decided to print them roughly on finished t-shirts, used as a new means of communication. Images are strong, coarse, sexy yet soft and poetic.