Experiencing After the After Art of Tobias Rehberger and Douglas Gordon

In Ibiza, is a special exhibition that is making a statement about the contemporary lifestyle of many. Artist extraordinaire, guest collaborator for ONETSHIRT, Tobias Rehberger teamed up with Douglas Gordon for an artistic exhibition about the experience of the after party. The collaboration includes an examination of what happens after the party is over, looking at different elements through artistic works that cause one to re-examine their relationship to the outcome of a night out. The personal connections made with the art have created a definition to the modern day after thoughts.

Douglas Gordon is known for his hedonistic viewpoints as well as his pronounced sexuality in many of his works. In this particular display, he focuses on the time after the party is over, instead of his usual outgoing attributes. He notes that there is a time after the party is over where one begins to feel lonely or vulnerable. The interest he created with long-time friend, Tobias Rehberger, is to show the experiences that one goes through and the sentiment that is created with the moments when all things go quiet. This  creates a different statement about the modern day parties that are continuously promoting a trending and happy atmosphere.

To compliment the art of Rehberger and Gordon are different mediums that are being used for the demonstrations made. The Ibiza area opens up with a billboard of one in a cocoon, showing that one often closes and becomes dormant after the party is over. It then moves into a series of videos, sculpture, painting and other art works. These combine together to create a different statement about the message of one being shut down after the party is over.

For those that are interested in the avant - garde presentation of modern day art, is the ability to connect in Ibiza for the presentation. You will find that you can show you were there with fashion statements that allow you to remain a part of the statement of After the After. There are different opportunities to look at the works of the artists and to connect with a t-shirt that shows some of the famous works that are being presented. This will provide you with a memento of seeing the profound works of the artists.

Located in Ibiza until October 4th, is After the After, an experience of what takes place when the party and the after party is over. The works will display the different areas of vulnerability that are often experienced by those that go through this process.