Tatiana Turin wearing NEWYORKNEWYORK T-shirt


What do you do?

I go to NYU and model as well.

What are you studying?

I go to Tisch School of the Arts of NYU for photography and imaging.

What is your favourite bar or restaurant in New York?

That would be Arrow bar. As for restaurants, Takahachi in the East Village.

What do you love and what do you loathe about your city?

I love the opportunities it gives to young people, but I loathe how repetitive and small it can feel.

What makes you smile?

Fat cats wearing sweaters.

What makes you mad?

Miley Cyrus’ hair.

What are you listening to right now?

Future Islands - Long Flight.

Please use one word to describe yourself.


How do you define your style?

Clothing that your grandma wears mixed with whatever I can find on sale.

Could you tell us about the first t-shirt that you bought?

My mom bought me a red t-shirt that had a Chinese dragon on it blowing flames out of its mouth. I wore that shirt everyday until I grew out of it.

Please describe the perfect tee.

An oversized t-shirt that cuts in the right places where it can still be slimming. The material should be very thin, like it's been worn out.

What message/motto would you put on your t-shirt?

Unicorn Balls.

One thing that you want people to know about you?

I sometimes laugh in my sleep…

...And one thing that you don't want them to know?

If it tell you it defeats the purpose of the question, right?

You can flirt with anyone right now, whom would you choose?

An alien from outer spaceeee.

What's the strangest thing you had to do for a photo shoot?

That would probably be when I had to be a hand model for a day while holding real cats wearing jewellery.

One thing about modelling that you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew how lonely it gets. I also never realized that modelling is not only a job but a lifestyle where you must sacrifice a lot for.

What's the best way for a stranger to approach you?

By asking me to go on an adventure.